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Ensuring scalable expansion on a hyper-growth phase while Cazoo ventured into new markets.

While cazoo was in a hyper-growth phase, with over 400 engineers working on the global proposition, Cazoo needed a structured and unified approach to internationalise all customer-facing codebases. Simultaneously, from an Operational perspective, there was a challenge to improve data visibility across the business, which was quickly getting scattered across multiple systems due to the microservice event-driven architecture that is one of Cazoo's core engineering principles.

Our Role

  • DevOps support
  • Improving developer experience and efficiency
  • Technical support
  • Providing engineering capacity


Consolidating scattered vehicle data and enabling automated translation workflows and support for all development teams.

  • We worked on the definition and implementation of a centralised view for all vehicle information at Cazoo. This newly created system fetches and synchronises data from multiple sources and provides a polished interface to display this data, enabling multiple teams to be self-sufficient when searching for this data.
  • We created a maintainable and scalable approach to internationalise all customer facing applications, delivering a mechanism that worked consistently across multiple technologies and bridged the gap between engineers and translators, while keeping a consistent global translation memory.
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xgeeks provided flexibility and qualified manpower to help Cazoo's goals

  • Our engineers were key in helping in devising a successful strategy for internationalisation, that streamlined the entire translation process and sped up cycle times across all teams.
  • The centralised vehicle information system increased efficiency in multiple teams by enabling teams to access all vehicle data in a single place, increasing efficiency across the engineering teams.